A DOBBS® Tennis Court is a Forever* Court:

Crack. That’s what asphalt tennis courts do as they age. And over time, the cracks grow wider and longer. Courts also pit, split, settle, ravel and develop rust spots. They lose their visual appeal, often becoming unsafe and unplayable. The revolutionary DOBBS® Court is the forever solution for your aging courts. Want to know more?

The DOBBS® Court Story:

Danny Dobbs, an outstanding tennis player and respected court builder, was determined to create a superior tennis court system. For decades, Dobbs experienced first hand the problems with traditional court repair practices. Cracks would reappear within weeks of resurfacing projects having been completed. Fabric repair systems were band-aids that failed. Asphalt overlays were time consuming and would crack and pit over time. Post-tensioned concrete courts were effective but extremely expensive and took months to complete. Existing fabric overlay systems, according to Dobbs, “Just didn’t play right.” There had to be a better way!

Dobbs worked for years to perfect his tennis court overlay system. First, all existing cracks are thoroughly cleaned and then filled with rigid materials to create a sound base. Next, all low spots are identified and then leveled to establish uniform planarity. Then, the entire court is overlaid with its proprietary, ultra-strong, resilient, cushioned, watertight monolithic surface. And finally, specially selected textured elastomeric coatings are applied. Available in a wide variety of low-sheen colors, the Dobbs Court reduces stress on the body and allows for customized speed of play.

The Impressive DOBBS® Court Record:

Well over 100 Dobbs Courts have been installed over the past 12 years in a wide range of climate zones. They’ve been installed successfully at public parks, private clubs, schools and residences. Once perfected, none of the Dobbs Courts have experienced the cracking or pitting of traditional surfaces. They cost thousands less than traditional overlay options and are typically ready for play in less than a week! A local, reputable dealer/contractor expertly installs each court under the direct supervision of a Dobbs Court technician.

The DOBBS® Court Forever* Guarantee:

The Dobb Court is a watertight, monolithic membrane that permanently covers cracks, pits and rust spots, *10 years guaranteed. Not all courts meet minimum requirements for a successful installation. Contact your local representative/contractor today to see if a Dobbs Court is the right solution for you.

Other Court Overlay Systems:

• Expensive
• Time Consuming – weeks or months until ready for play
• Heavy machinery can damage landscaping or fencing
• Imperfect bounce
• Tough on joints, muscle fatigue
• May degrade within weeks to a few years, showing cracks, pits, rust stains

The DOBBS® Tennis Court System:

• Affordable
• Quick turn-around – ready for play in less than a week
• No heavy machinery needed
• Cushioned for comfort – reduces joint stress and muscle fatigue
• Perfect bounce, customized texture for consistent speed of play
• Suitable for recreational to professional use
• 10-year materials guarantee. No cracking, pitting or rust stains

Call your local DOBBS® Tennis Court Installer Today!
See if your court meets the basic requirements for a DOBBS Court!   

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